Adding on to your house in a creative way

Posted by on August 22, 2017

Adding on to your house in a creative way

Buying a house is a long and drawn out process with gut instinct playing a bit part in the decision-making process, which is why it can be so heartbreaking to slightly outgrow it. Instead of committing to looking for something larger, however, many savvy homeowners are looking at potential extension projects that could open up great swathes of extra space inside a treasured property and it's a route definitely worth more consideration.

Any experienced architect will b able to give a thorough account of all the steps and costs involved in a home extension project, but as an initial overview, before we get to some fantastic suggestions as to styles and specific room additions, the following rules of thumb will usually apply:

1. Planning permission will need to be paid and applied for, once a suitable addition has been settled upon. Different building styles will require different permissions, so it's no use assuming that a roof terrace will come under the same legislation as an office annexe.

2. Quotes will need to be submitted by professionals that wish to tender for the project work. It's always advisable to get at least three quotes, in writing, so as to be able to compare them all, word for word, before settling on the contract that best suits the project itself. It's vital to be aware of the difference between fixed-prices and daily contracting fees.

3. Second fix finishes, such as electrics, plaster and plumbing need to be planned well in advance, so that once the exterior portion of a project is complete, there is little to no delay until the inside gets finished and can be considered as habitable.

Costs-wise, for any kind of home extension, it's unlikely to come in at under $1,500 per square meter. Plus, the more complicated a design and location is, the more the cost will increase. This is why thorough written quotes are absolutely essential before any ground is broken.

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